Tawheed Technical Interview Prep

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  • Tawheed TIP is a comprehensive and rigorous program designed with a vision to coach software engineering professionals to acquire skills that will help them to ace and crack technical interviews and launch careers in top technology companies.

  • Teachers are professionals, working in top software companies (Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc) having more than decades of experience who are familiar with all the nooks and corners, up and down of technical interviews.

  • Gain confidence, overcome interview anxiety, solve unseen problems with in-person coaching, deliberate practice, tests, assignments and mock interviews.

  • Key Areas that we focus on:

    • Algorithms and Data Structures (Big-O Analysis, Recursion, Trees, Sorting, Graphs, Arrays, LinkedList, Stacks, Queues, Trie, Strings, Dynamic Programming, etc.)

    • Large scale System Design

    • Concurrency

    • Behavioral

    • Resume building, application process, salary negotiation

    • Presentation skills


  • Who is eligible? What are the perquisites? Can I learn to code here? Is this a coding workshop?

No, this is not a coding workshop. Some coding/working experience is required. The goal is to hone your computer science, software engineering and interviewing skills to land job in good companies. In previous batches we had people from 2 years to >15 years of working experience. Fresh Graduates are also welcome.

  • What will be the modality of the classes?

All classes will be held online via a video call.

  • Where can I get more information?

Please complete this form https://forms.gle/kH9L3Zyc2fDvzQ8k7 to register for the free orientation which will explain all the details about the course.